This page is for owners of the following lathes:

Steelmaster SM-1022A
RC 6125 WLP 550
Craftex CX700

These lathes are marketed in Germany, Australia and Canada under various brand names but are essentially the same lathe, with the exception of the Busy Bee Tools/Craftex CX700 which comes fitted with a variable speed spindle drive. The CX700 also has a curved fascia above the quick change gearbox whereas the SM-1022A and the RC 6125 WLP 550 have a flat angled facia as can be seen in the photos below. It is believed at this point in time that the CX700 is an updated version of the earlier SM-1022A and the RC 6125 WLP 550.

Steelmaster SM-1022A available from Asset Plant & Machinery based in Victoria, Australia. See their website here:

RC 6125 WLP 550 available from RC Machines based in Luxembourg and Junglinster Germany. See their website here:

Note: It appears that RC Machines no longer carry the RC 6125 WLP 550 (at the time of writing April 21 2013).

Craftex CX700 available from Busy Bee Tools with a number of branches throughout Canada. See their website here:

Lathe Details


  • Powered carriage and cross slide feeds
  • Large selection of thread cutting pitches in Metric and Imperial
  • Precision ‘v’-beds are hardened and ground, encompassed on strong cast iron rib webbing, with dove-tailed cross and compounded slides
  • 6 spindle speeds to 2000 rpm
  • Metric and Imperial calibration
  • Standard accessories include: 3 jaw chuck, 4 jaw chuck, face plate, fixed and travelling steadies and splash guard and assorted hand tools
  • ‘Quick Change’ gearbox for fast speed changes
  • CE compliant
Model Number SM-1022A & RC 6125 WLP 550
distance between centres (mm) 550
centre height (mm) 125
swing over bed (mm) 250
swing over cross-slide (mm) 140
bed width (mm) 135
bed height (mm) 195
spindle bore (mm) 21
spindle speeds (mm) 125 ~ 2000 / 6 Speeds
cross-slide travel (mm) 120
compound slide travel (mm) 50
3 jaw chuck size Ø (mm) 125
4 jaw chuck size Ø (mm) 125
metric threads (mm) 0.1 ~ 2.5 / 17 Pitches
imperial threads (in) 8 ~ 35 / 15 Pitches
cross feed travel speeds (mm/r) 0.02 ~ 1.0
tailstock quill taper (mt) 2
headstock morse taper (mt) 3
tools to suit (mm) 12
motor power (kw/V) 0.55 / 240
dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 1200 x 550 x 520
weight (net) (kg) 165
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Steelmaster SM-1022A
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RC Machines RC6125WLP550
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Craftex CX700
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Owners Manuals:

Steelmaster SM-1022A Lathe Manual
RC 6125 WLP 550 Lathe Manual
Craftex CX700 Lathe Manual

If the .pdf manuals do not open then try right clicking on the links and choose ‘save as’

The RC6125WLP550 version of these lathes came fitted with leadscrew covers as standard whereas the other models did not. However, at the time of writing, these covers are available from Busy Bee Tools. The following part numbers should be used when ordering the required parts (Note: all parts listed below are required):

Screw Cover (2pc) #PCX70025
Bracket #PCX70024
Bracket #PCX70026
Bracket #PCX70027
Bracket #PCX70028

It should be noted that when fitting the leadscrew covers that you will lose approx. 50mm (2″) of travel between the headstock and carriage and a similar amount between the carriage and the tailstock end of the lathe. See the pictures below.

If you have or require any further information regarding these lathes please contact me via email – (trumpy81 – at – optusnet – dot – com – dot – au).

Headstock Travel Loss Click for larger image

Headstock Travel Loss
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Tailstock Travel Loss Click for larger image

Tailstock Travel Loss
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