My poor missus is looking a little sad wouldn’t you say?

I owned this machine for 10 years. She gave me her best, having only ever broken down once. However, she still got my brother and I home!!

We only had 2 flat tyres in the 10 years of our partnership. She covered many, many miles without a hiccup, only the odd bout of pinging (detonation) brought about by the poor quality of fuel we have these days and a lack of serious tuning.

She will be missed!!!


The brunt of the impact was taken in the steering head area behind the headlight.

The spine of the frame, which is 3 inch diameter tube, is badly crushed and bent directly behind the gussets with the front down tubes pushed back to the engine. The forks are bent, as you would expect and the sliders (lower half of the forks) are also damaged but the hub and brakes are undamaged.

The axle is also bent.


The front rim is a right off as is the right exhaust header. The right foot peg is bent, but is quite repairable.

As for the fuel tank, well no need to tell you which part of my anatomy did the damage there

No need to worry though, after the swelling went down I’m confident ALL my parts are still working, but I could always use a good tester….lol


Plans are to install the engine, rear wheel and electrics from my partner here, into a ridgid frame owned by my good mate Wolf and now owned by me.

I may repair the fuel tank for use on the ‘Custom’, so at least, part of my baby will live on.