Sadly, at 7:00pm on the 9th April 2001, this beautiful machine was destroyed in a head on collision with a Mitsubishi 4×4. You can see the results on ‘The Wreck’ page. I also suffered multiple injuries, as outlined below.


The accident occured at a light controlled intersection. The woman driver indicated her intentions by moving into, then stopping at the intersection, or so I thought, and then proceeded to make a right hand turn across my path, leaving me with no option except to hit her.


These pictures were taken 10 days after the accident, upon my return home. The injuries were extensive (as you can see) and included the following:Fractured 2nd little toe (right foot), Fractured right tibia (between pins 1 and 2, counting from the bottom pin), compound fracture of tibia and fibula (between pins 3 and 4) (approx. 1 inch of bone is missing from the right tibia between pins 3 and 4), Fracture of right pelvic socket, Fracture of left pelvis (pubic region), Fractured 6th Rib and numerous bruises and cuts.


I also suffered approx. 95% loss of vision in my right eye due to a small piece of fat entering the bloodstream and lodging in the back of my eye. This restricted the blood flow to a small vessel in my retina and caused it to die.Happily, as of the 9/6/2001, the eye injury has almost healed and my vision is back to about 10% loss of vision. 🙂


This is the scar from the donor site of my bone graft which took place on the 16-8-01. During the operation the original 5 pins were relocated and reduced to 4 pins to facilitate the graft and keep the leg stable.


The initial graft was successful, but 2 weeks later, whilst studying at TAFE, an abcess formed around the base of the top pin.This required emergency surgery and the top pin was replaced and repositioned. This shot shows the 4 pins and the new arrangement of the bracing that was used to stabilise the leg.


In this shot, you can see the distinct curvature of the leg. This consequently, required another operation to straighten my leg. <ouch> Consequently, I now have a 13 degree bow in the opposite direction to what you see here and the integrity of the bone graft is questionable.The alignment of the upper and lower portions of my tibia has also been disturbed.


This is my family (in front of Wolf’s 1972 Triumph 650 Trophy) and as you can see I no longer have the external fixators, they were removed on the 19-11-01. 6 weeks in this cast and another 4 weeks in a ‘Pink’ cast and I’m now on the road to recovery. I’ve started physio on the leg so that I can learn to walk all over again. I’m stuck with the crutches for now and the effects of the above are yet to be determined, but I’m sure that I will walk again!