At around 9:00am Sunday the 21st of June 2015 a good friend passed away.

I still remember the day he first came home with me, curled up tight in a ball and nestled beneath my friends beard.

It was a long journey home and he didn’t seem to mind the trip at all, he was quite content to peer out calmly from beneath my friends beard. It was his first trip in a car, but he wasn’t scared at all, he somehow knew he was safe.

He was blue in colour with a black face and legs and a white horizontal stripe in each ear and cute as a button of course, when he first arrived at home.

As he grew though, his coat became black all over and on one occasion I didn’t even recognise him, expecting to see the little blue ball I had brought home, and yet here was this black image lapping at his tucker bowl, I was quite surprised and thought a stray had taken his place for a brief moment, but when he stared up at me with those big eyes and those white stripes in his ears, I knew it was him. I swear he had a smile on his face too, and was probably thinking, ‘you silly old bugger, it’s me!’ 🙂

He loved to play hide and seek in the lounge room. He would hide behind the lounge chairs and wait for someone to pass by, and then he would leap out and jag a leg or two with his long sharp claws and then duck back behind the lounge as though nothing had happened, and all you would see was those two little eyes and those white stripes in his ears. He drew blood on more than one occasion too.

After a while he found that he liked to perch his furry little behind atop my laser printer, where he could peer out of the bedroom window and watch the birds feeding in the large bottle brush tree outside. Occasionally, a bird would spot him in the window and would fly up and try to ward him off and he would try to catch the bird, clawing at the window in desperate vain, and neither realised there was a pane of glass between them. It was quite amusing to watch sometimes and the weird sounds he would make, made it seem all the more dramatic.

These are a but a few of the fond memories of my time spent with my dear friend ‘Mickey’ over the past 15 years. A name given to him by the children of his mother’s owner. It somehow seemed fitting to his gentle, but larrikin like nature, so I decided to keep his name of ‘Mickey Puss’.

So long my little mate, you have amused me, calmed me and brought happiness into my life when there was none. You will be missed but never forgotten.