My new Meister BOLTS3 DRO arrived today and I can’t wait to get it set up. Hopefully, I will be well enough to get into the workshop and proceed with the fitting of the glass scales to my new Titan Machinery TM45FG. I have already worked out where I intend mounting everything, it’s just a matter of drilling and tapping a few holes and then fabricating some bracketry.

You’ll notice in the picture, that this DRO came with a collet holder tray. There was no mention of this on eBay or the Meister website so it was a bit of a surprise when I found it in the box. My only complaint with the Meister DRO’s would be the lack of hardware that comes with the unit. You are pretty much left to your own devices when it comes to mounting the scales. You do get 2 Cast Aluminium brackets that would come in handy but they would not mount all the scales. You also get a sturdy ‘arm’ to mount the Display Unit on, but it’s mounting bracket lacks the threaded ‘adjuster’ screw holes, so now, any adjustment would be via shims.

Even if this DRO came with a mountain of hardware, chances are that none of it would be used, but extra hardware in the workshop always comes in handy. Unless the brackets were made to fit specific machines (difficult to do with no brand name Chinese made machines) the chances of actually using all the hardware and brackets offered by some sellers is very remote.

The Meister comes with a comprehensive manual, written in easy to understand English and it is illustrated throughout. I’ll be spending the night reading through it 🙂

If you are in the market for a relatively inexpensive DRO for your lathe or mill, consider the Meister DRO’s. You will find them at

I am not associated with Meister in any way, just a happy customer 🙂

This is my DRO for the Mill.

This is my Meister BOLTS3 DRO for the Mill.
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