This is version 7 of  an add on script for Win7RescuePE by Joshua. It will install RocketDock v1.35 into your project build.

You should place this script into the ‘Apps/Supplementary/Tweaks’ folder of the Win7RescuePE project, or in any other folder of your project.

It has been tested with Winbuilder 077 RC2, Winbuilder 078 and WinBuilder 078 SP1.

It has been tested and configured for the LiveXP WinBuilder project also.

If you download and try this plugin then please leave some feedback here or at Boot Land – RocketDock

You can also view the Win7RescuePE thread here: Boot Land Win7RescuePE

or the LiveXP Thread here: Boot Land – LiveXP

Download the plugin here: RocketDock.script